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One day while out exploring Valerie and her parents stopped at an old costal town. Walking around the town they stumbled on an antique store. Inside Valerie discovered what looked like an old ice cream maker. Intrigued she grabbed it. It felt as if it burned her hand. When she pulled her hand away, she noticed it hadn't left a mark. Valerie reached out and grabbed it again...

The world around her began to spin and shift, the shop faded into an alternative dimension where illusionists and their familiars controlled the earth. By the time Valerie found her way back into our world she had learned to become an illusionist.
Valerie L. Thomas
Occupation: Inventor, Physicist and Mathematician
Born: 1943
Nationality: American

Valerie was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Morgan State University, where she excelled in mathematics and science courses and graduated with honours.

Valerie worked at NASA as a data analyst and oversaw the creation of the Landsat program and became the Space Science Data Operations Office at NASA.

In 1980 Valerie invented the illusion transmitter. Valerie has received numerous awards including the Goddard Space Flight Center Award of Merit and the NASA Equal Opportunity Medal.
Top Quarkz
Valerie features in our signature card game, Top Quarkz. The game supports development of maths, literacy and decision making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries throughout history. Valerie also features in our colouring book, Newton's Rainbow

We've explained the drawing and her playing card below so you can learn more about both her superhero and her real-life identity.
Valerie can create illusions making those near her see, hear and touch things which do not exist.
A drawing of the Voyager spacecraft can be found behind Valerie. During her career she also participated in projects related to Halley's Comet, ozone research, satellite technology, and the Voyager spacecraft.
Drawings from her 1980 patent are hidden on her belt and the cuffs of her superhero uniform.
The Illusion transmitter was invented by Valerie. She developed it to send 3D images across distances.
Valerie was was born in Baltimore, Maryland. A state in the USA.
Jean Clark Keating was an aerospace engineer who worked at NASA.
Those able to create and maintain Psychic Shields are resistant to Valerie's powers.
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Valerie Thomas
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Around the age of eight, Valeries curiosity about how things worked inspired her to borrow a book called on electronics so she could understand how things work.

Valerie also works to educate and inspire young scientists, especially girls. She became involved with the National Technical Association and other organisations. At NASA, she helped to develop a network that enables students to connect and work with NASA scientists.