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Help forge more #diversityinSTEM with these awesome resources we've got for you
A Science superhero poster collection free to download. Check out some of these remarkablz women and ignite a future generation of superheroes
Science Superhero Posters
Choose from a selection of free printable colouring pages. Be sure to share your colouring page creations with @theremarkablz
Printable Colouring Pages
We have a number of resources to get children thinking like scientists while learning about a diverse range of role models
Science Experiments
Brining Art and Science together is what made The Remarkablz. A small but growing selection of resources for parents and teachers
Artists, Writers & Explorers
Educational Resources
A selection of resources to get kids thinking like scientists while learning about a diverse range of role models.
This activity is a simulation in which you get an opportunity to examine the effects of an oil spill in a water body. You can also learn about Science Superhero Sylvia Earle.
      Acids and bases are important not only in the chemistry lab, but in cooking, medicine and our everyday lives. You can also learn about Science Superhero Katsuko Saruhashi.
        Make a balloon Rocket and discover Newton's Third Law of Motion when an opposing force—called thrust —propels your rocket forward.
          A fun project and a great way to illustrate vibration and sound waves.
            Make a hovercraft and start to learn about why the key to the ease of movement is reducing friction.
              Find out about the writing of ancient Mesopotamia and Gertrude Bell.
                Learn how to make papyrus on Hypatia's Factfile
                  Find out why whale poop is so important on Asha de Vos's factfile
                    Make your own volcano and learn about Science Superhero Katia Krafft
                      Free Colouring Pages
                      These free printable colouring pages include an easy science experiment - Be sure to share your colouring page creations with #theremarkablz @theremarkablz
                      When not zooming around the planet to find her friends, Katherine was a mathematician who did calculations that were critical to the success of the first U.S. manned spaceflight.
                        When Hedy isn't resisting psionic attacks, she is inventing. Her most famous invention was a form of frequency hopping that helped to create Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, all of which are in our mobile phones.
                          When not flying around the universe, Mae is an engineer and physician. She was the first African- American woman to travel into space.
                          Artists, Writers & Explorers
                          Our founder, Katy developed these for her own family and is excited to share this fun and educational way to get children engaged with famous artists, writers and explores.
                          Our educational pack provides six pages for your children to engage with as they learn more about the artist' paintings and life.
                          Suitable for ages 3+
                            You will find 4 pages of information about this incredible woman, accompanied by activities and games.
                            Suitable ages 5+

                              An introduction to Surrealism showcasing artists such as Dali and Carrington. Also included an easy "make your own artwork activity." Suitable ages 5+
                              A great two page educational support guide for a visit to the Tate Moden where Kara's art is on display in the Turbine Hall. Suitable for ages 5+
                                Coming Soon.
                                Suitable ages 3+

                                  Coming Soon
                                  Suitable ages 3+
                                  Free Posters
                                  Our founder firmly believes that "If you can't see it, it is harder to be it." To celebrate all the incredible Women in STEM out there we are making our poster collection free to download. Our hope is to highlight more of these remarkablz women to ignite a future generation of superheroes.

                                  If you need files with printers marks/bleeds do let us know and we can send you the print ready files.

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