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Our comic book turns real-life scientist, Katsuko Saruhashi, into a science superhero.

Ever wonder about the science behind your favourite superheroes' powers? Well, we have gone a step further. We've turned our favourite science heroes into superheroes. Their discoveries and inventions are the source of their superpowers.

Find out why Mary Anning's superpower is Fossilisation, why blueshift can stop Priya's Dark Matter Control, and why Ada Lovelace needs to steer clear of horses.

Our engaging games and books are aimed at children and adults. We want to inspire children and young adults to explore exciting disciplines and aspire to their own superpowers regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability.
The gameplay supports development of maths, literacy and decision making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries of our time and throughout history.
Ages: 8 to 108
Price: £7.50
Grab your coloured pencils and try your best to stay in the lines as you colour in on a giant colouring poster! At 841 x 1189 mm it can be used as a wallpaper, a tablecloth or on the floor. Great for all ages!
Ages: 3+
Price: £10
The goal is to form and discard pairs of cards. Make sure you're not the player left getting sucked into the Black Hole at the end of the game. Why a Black Hole? It's the biggest threat any superhero could face.
Ages: 3+
Price: £6
This unique colouring book features hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by a short biography of each superhero.
Ages: 3+
Price: £4.95
Want to know what happens inside your eye? Find out more in this science superhero's fact-file.
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In this fact-file find out why we turned An into a Superhero and discover how a computer works.
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