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We create educational games & books to deliver fun and creative learning experiences!
What we do
We produce and sell hand drawn games and books.
Our engaging games and books are aimed at children and adults. We want to inspire children and young adults to explore exciting disciplines and aspire to their own superpowers regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability.
Ever wonder about the science behind your favourite superheroes' powers? Well, we have gone a step further. We've turned our favourite science heroes into superheroes. Their discoveries and inventions are the source of their superpowers.

There's no better way to get young and old excited about learning than with games.
Our games and books are made to encourage exploration and discovery.
Our Products
Games & books
Top Quarkz
Our Signature Science Superhero Card Game, containing 43 hand-drawn cards.A top trumps style game that supports development of maths, literacy and decision making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries of our time and throughout history.
Radioactive Fallout
Our first comic book turns real-life scientist, Katsuko Saruhashi, into a science superhero, superpowers and all.

Sun Prints
Capture the mesmerising beauty of the sun at specific moments in time. The brainchild of data scientist Ian Calvert, these incredible sun images are meticulously crafted to reflect the sun's unique position and radiance on a day and time you choose.
Our Superheros
Our fact files and free resources are a great way to learn about some of the greatest science superheroes. Discover their powers, weaknesses, discoveries, & more!
"I never knew there are so many girl superheroes"
Adam, 5 years old
"A powerful celebration of diversity in gender, ethnicity and ability Cannot wait to play and learn with this card game"
Jennie, Edspire.co.uk
"Check out This ace little game"
Lous - LousNews.xo.uk

"Jensen has been having fun learning about scientists he'd never heard of before in a creative way!"
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