Fetter's Chaos
Giant colouring poster
A giant colouring poster that will keep you busy for hours!

All Ages
Price: £10
Why Fetter's Chaos ?
This one is for Ellen, Margaret and the countless coders that have not seen their contributions to science recognised.
Are you wondering why we picked the name Fetter's Chaos for a colouring poster?: It is a tip of our superhero hat to Ellen Fetter and Margaret Hamilton who contributed to one of the most important papers in computational physics. This paper formed the foundation of Chaos Theory.

Chaos Theory is a branch of maths that looks at complex systems that are very sensitive to small changes. In a nutshell: small changes can give rise to big consequences.

This giant colouring poster is a great idea for birthday parties as well educational events and long rainy days.
Who are the superheroes hiding in our drawing?
Anna Connelly
Anna is hiding so you'll need to work hard to find her. Look for a building with a fire escape bridge.
John Nash
You will find John reading a newspaper when he isn't saving the planet with Team Remarkablz.
Charles Drew
Medical Researcher
Can you spot Charles in his every day clothes? He is on his way to the blood blank.
Mae C Jemison
Mae C Jemison was the first African-American woman to travel into space. She is on a poster.
Who's Who
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