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Elijah McCoy

Discover why we turned Elijah into a superhero
Superhero Backstory
When Elijah was studying at Edinburgh University he became fascinated with Trains. One day during a routine maintenance of a train, Dr Fossil Fuel ignited an oil spill which combined with an overloaded computer system and exploded. Elijah gained his superpowers that day. Elijah soon discovered he could control steam and used his ability to try and get revenge against Dr Fossil Fuel.

Elijah can create, shape and manipulate steam.
Elijah can create, shape and manipulate steam.
In the background is Edinburgh Castle. At age 15 Elijah was sent to Scotland for an apprenticeship and was later certified as mechanical engineer.
Elijah's shield is the Smoke box door of a train. This was the hinged circular door on steam engines that allowed service access to the smoke box to fix air leaks and remove char.
Elijah invented an automatic lubricator for oiling the steam engines of locomotives.
Elijah died in Michigan, on October 10, 1929.
John Ramsbottom was an English mechanical engineer. He made steam locomotives in the 1800s.
Many trains are now powered by electricity, which is why we chose electricity as Elijah's weakness.
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What Do Mechanical Engineers Do?
Mechanical engineers is to design and develop new systems and technologies that can be used to extend our physical abilities and simplify our lives.
Video credit: Institution of Mechanical Engineers
The Invention of the Train
The Dr. Binocs Show covers the invention of the train.
Video credit: Peekaboo Kidz
In this video you can find out more about Elijah! Video credit: Foundation for Economic Education
Learn more about Elijah
What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do?
What's it really like to be an engineer? What do they really do all day? You're about to find out in this video from the National Science Foundation
Video credit: National Science Foundation
A fun, informative animation that describes the major parts of a train and the process of converting coal-fueled steam to kinetic energy.
Video credit: Fun Station 4 Kids
How Do Steam Engines Work?
Fun Facts about Steam Engines
1. Thomas Savery built the first steam engine in 1698.

2. Steam engines powered trains, boats and even huge ships. The Titanic was steam powered!

3. Coal is a dirty fuel which is why people don't use steam engines very much anymore.

4. Many trains are now powered by electricity, which is cleaner.
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