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Ada Lovelace

Discover why we turned Ada into a superhero
Superhero Backstory
Ada has future sight, she is able to know details about the future condition of an object when she is close to it.

Raised in a small town in England Ada was often ill in her childhood. The tale remains unconfirmed but it is said that during one bout of illness she gained her superpowers. One day she ran away and worked as a fortune teller in the region of Ockham in England, there she met Charles.

Charles convinced Ada to join Team Remarkablz and she was the first Remarkablz to learn of the planned invasion of Earth by the extraterritorial Malwares and forewarned Team Remarkablz of the coming dangers.
Ada features in our signature card game, Top Quarkz. The game supports the development of maths, literacy and decision-making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries throughout history.

We've explained the drawing and her playing card below so you can learn more about both her superhero and her real-life identity.
Ada has Future Sight, in the 1800s she described how computers might work.
Ada is wearing a similar headband to the 1840 watercolour portrait painted of her.
The Analytical Engine was thought of as the first computer.
No one knows for sure, just where Ada is....
When Ada was 17, she met Charles Babbage, an inventor and mathematician. Babbage served as a mentor to Ada.
Why Horses? Ada liked to gamble. It is said that she lost more than £3,000 on horses, a lot of money at that time.
Each drawing we create has one or more hidden treasure(s) about our superheroes' life experiences, depictions in art, jobs or discoveries. Did you find the ones hidden in this drawing?
We have packed a lot into our Top Quarkz playing cards - from amazing imagined superpowers to biographical information and hidden treasures.
What Do Computer Scientists Do?
Computer scientists apply their knowledge of information theory and computation to computer systems.
Who Was Charles Babbage?
Charles Babbage invented computers but failed to build them. The first complete Babbage Engine was completed in London.
How Do Computers Work?
We use computers for all kinds of things, but have you ever wondered how computers work? Find out in this SciShow Kids video.
Video: McGraw Hill
Video: SciShow Kids
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Learn More About Ada
Born Augusta Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer.
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