Seiji Ogawa
Seiji's superpower: he can scan brains, finding diseases or injuries in a person's brain.
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This comic book cover is hiding a few hidden treasures that relate back to his life and work...
On Seiji's belt you will find the logo of the Keio Medical Science Prize. Seiji was awared the prize in 2017.
Seiji was born in Japan on January 19, 1934. He is known for discovering the technique that makes possible Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
The background to the drawing is the University of Tokyo. Seiji trained as an applied physicist at the university.
Seiji is regarded as the father of modern functional brain imaging. He was the first scientist who demonstrated that the functional brain imaging is dependent on the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream - know as the BOLD effect.
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Fun Facts!
75 % of the brain is made up of water!
What is an MRI machine and how does it work? Check out this great video from the Science Museum and find out more!
What is an MRI?
Watch this short video from Nemours KidsHealth and find out how your brain works!

How does my brain work?
Video Credit: Science Museum
Video Credit: Nemours KidsHealth
Your brain never rests. When we sleep our brain is working and active.
The brain of a human contains billions of neurons.
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