Our Commitment
At The Remarkablz we are serious about minimising the environmental impact of our games.

So how are we doing this?
We use a printer that is Forest Stewardship Council certification
Our printers ensure that all of their products have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. They gained the FSC® certification on 18th October 2012. The FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®), a non-profit organisation makes a chain of custody between the source to manufacture of our paper/card and delivery to us. All FSC® material is from a sustainable source. you can find out more here
No Plastic Wrapping
Our card games are not plastic wrapped. Our superheroes were very insistent that they didn't want plastic wrapping. They promised to be on their best behaviour and not jump out of the packs in transit. We've taken them at their word so we can do our bit to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.
It is important to us that ensure we can give back. As of September 2019 we will be donating a percentage of our profits to reforestation projects. For the next three years we will be supporting the Armenian Tree Project. The Armenia Tree Project supports three main initiatives: Planting trees in urban and rural locations, environmental education, and sustainable development and poverty reduction.
Our stickers, including the paper liners, aren't recyclable as paper material since they're made from vinyl. Some centres will repurpose and recycle vinyl, but it's not always accepted by municipal recycling programs.

The liner and adhesive used in our stickers are all eco-friendly though! All the inks used contain no Nickel (Ni) compounds or Fluorine compounds (PFOS and PFOA). We are always on lookout for better options so if you have any recommendations or tips on printers that will provide biodegradable stickers please let us know!
Have any questions or suggestions
We are constantly looking for ways to ensure our impact on the environment is as low as possible. Please send any suggestions or comments to us and tell us what else you think we could be doing