Marie Maynard Daly
Marie has the power to create and manipulate smoke causing extreme lethargy in her opponents
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The background of this drawing is New York City. Marie was born in the Corona neighbourhood of Queens, New York.
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In 1942, Marie graduated from Queens College with a bachelor's degree in chemistry.
Marie researched protein synthesis. This is the process in which cells make proteins.
Mary Caldwell helped Daly discover how chemicals produced in the body contribute to food digestion.
Alice died age 24. A 1917 article suggested that the cause may have been Chlorine poisoning due to exposure while teaching.
Full name: Marie Maynard Daly
Born: 1921
Died: 2003
Occupation: Chemist
Marie was born and raised in New York City, She loved reading and one of her favourite books as a child was The Microbe Hunters.
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Marie was awarded her doctoral degree in 1947 and was the first African American woman to obtain a PhD in chemistry in the United States. She conducted important studies on cholesterol, sugars, and proteins. Her research showed the relationship between high cholesterol and clogged arteries. She understood how smoking and the foods we eat can affect the health of our hearts.
People who work in chemistry are called chemists. Chemists study the substances that make up matter. They also study the changes that take place when substances are combined. These changes are called chemical reactions.
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What is Hypertension? This great little video will explain Hypertension and High Blood Pressure.
What is Hypertension?
Watch this short video from the British Heart Foundation and find out why smoking can put you at risk of getting heart and circulatory diseases.
Smoking affects your heart!
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Video Credit: British Heart Foundation
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What is Cholesterol?

A transparent jar
Create a model of a pumping heart.

The heart has two features that keep blood flowing. These are chambers and valves. Chambers fill with blood, then squeeze to pump the blood out.

STEP 1: Fill the jar just over half full and add a few drops of food colouring.

STEP 2: Cut the neck off the balloon. Stretch the rest of the balloon over the opening of the jar.

STEP 3: Use the scissors to carefully poke two holes in the balloon. These should be smaller than the straw as you need them to fit tightly.

STEP 4: Place the neck from the balloon over the end of one straw and seal the end of one straw with the balloon neck and attach in place with tape. The is your valve. Press down on the balloon and watch what happens. Water should be forces out of the straw that isn't sealed.
Model of a Pumping Heart
Food colouring
1 balloon

Take the balloon valve off the straw. You should find that water now goes back down the straw. When you push down on the balloon this is like your heart contracting and squeezing the heart chambers. This pushes blood out of the heart and into arteries.
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