Claudia de Rham
Claudia's superpower: Claudia has ability to create objects and weapons out of dark energy.
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"In Tales of Science" is based on the iconic American comic series from 1950's "Weird Science". On the cover, we have hidden a few treasures relating to Claudia's life. One treasure, which Claudia wears on her belt, is the logo of the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists, an award she won in 2018.
Claudia is a Swiss theoretical physicist based at Imperial College London. Claudia has pioneered a theory known as massive gravity that could explain why the universe is expanding.

About Claudia
Claudia has constructed a viable theory for massive gravity that could hold the answers to many important questions in physics.
A physicist is someone who explores and identifies the basic principles that govern the structure and behaviour of things.
Video credit: RADICAL JR.
What Do Physicists Do?
Physics is one of the major branches of science. People who work in physics are called physicists. Physicists study matter, forces and energy. The objects that physicists study range in size from the tiny, tiny building blocks of matter to huge groups of stars.
What are the tiny building blocks of matter? Find out more in this video
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