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In this fact-file find out why we turned Bette into a superhero.
Superhero Identity
Bette can remove colour from objects turning them translucent and almost invisible.
Bette features in our signature card game Top Quarkz. The gameplay supports development of maths, literacy and decision making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries of our time and throughout history.

We've explained her drawing and playing card below so you can learn more about both her superhero and real life identity.
Top Quarkz
Location - You can find Bette in the Texas. Why did we pick this location? Bette was born in Texas, USA in 1924.
Discovery - Bette is known for creating Liquid Paper in 1956.
Weakness - Perfection is Bette's key weakness. Why? Bette can focus too much on doing things perfectly. Over at Remarkablz HQ we remind her that this obsession with reaching perfection creates a frustration in her that weakens her power and leaves her open to attack.
Superpower - Colour Deletion. We gave Bette this superpower as she developed one of the first forms of correction fluid (also known as Tipex or WhiteOut).
Side-kick - All superheroes have a side-kick, Bette's side-kick is Christine Duval. Christine was Bette's mother.
Each drawing we create has one or more hidden treasures about our superheroes' life experiences, depictions in art, jobs or discoveries. Did you find them all?
Top Quarkz Card Explained
Hidden Treasures
The logo for Liquid Paper is on Bette's Chest
We have packed a lot into our cards - from amazing imagined superpowers to biographical information and hidden treasures.
Name: Bette Nesmith Graham
Born: 1924
Died: 1980
Occupation: Inventor
Nationality: American
Bette Nesmith Graham was an American typist, artist and inventor. In the 1950's she supported her family by working as a secretary at Texas Bank and Trust. In those days it was difficult to erase typos made by typewriters and correcting mistakes slowed work - a lot!

One day while painting Bette had a sudden idea and decided to approach the problem as painters do. She painted over her mistakes. Bette took some white paint in a bottle and her paint brush to work and used it correct her mistakes. Over five years she improved on her work and over time coworkers sought her "paint out". In 1956 she began marketing her typewriter correction fluid as "Mistake Out" and would go on to change the name to Liquid Paper when she began her own company in the 1960s.
Photo of Albert Einstein
An inventor creates or discovers a new method, device or other useful means that becomes known as an invention.

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What does an inventor do?
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