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In this fact-file find out why we turned Anandibai into a superhero.
Superhero Identity
Anandibai can heal any injury. Anandibai utilises regenerative powers to heal the wounded. She can also heal herself from any injury and some say she has even been resurrected from death itself.
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We've explained her drawing and playing card below so you can learn more about both her superhero and real life identity.
Black Hole
Black Hole Card Explained
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The background of this drawing is the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Anandibai applied to the College and began her training in 1886. The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania was founded in 1850, and was the second medical institution in the world established to train women in medicine to earn the M.D. degree.
Name: Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi
Born: 1865
Died: 1887
Occupation: Doctor
Nationality: Indian
Anandibai was born in Kalyan, she married young and when her first child died it was a turning point in Anandibai's life. She gave birth to their first child when she was just 14, sadly the child didn't live very long and died 10 days later. This incident inspired her to become a physician. Anandibai wanted to help the many women, who like her, couldn't get the medical support they needed. In 1800s she wouldn't have been able to study without her husbands support, her husband Gopalrao Joshi encouraged her to go to America to study Medicine. She began her medical studies at the age of 19 and graduated with an MD on 11 March, 1886. She contracted tuberculosis and died before her 22 birthday. Anandibai defied all odds and become India's first female doctor.

"..there is a growing need for Hindu lady doctors in India, and I volunteer to qualify myself for one." Anandibai Joshi
A doctor or physicians prevents, diagnoses, and treats various illnesses in order to improve a patients' health.

General Physicians (or GPs) are not specialists in a specific area, they are able to diagnose and treat general illnesses. Some of the things they do are: routine checkups, prescribing, maintain patient records, and more.
What Does a Doctor Do?
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Did you know?
You can read her disseration online
Anandibai's dissertation was on "Obstetrics among the Hindu Aryans." and you can find a transcription of Anandibai Joshee's thesis online. In 1886, she returned to India to practice medicine.

Queen Victoria congratulated her on her graduation
Anandibai travelled to New York in 1883. She attended the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, one of the first in the world that accepted women. After Joshi was awarded her degree in medicine Queen Victoria wrote her a congratulatory message but what surprised Anandibai the most was the grand welcome upon her return to India, where the editor of the Kesari newspaper hailed her as "one of the greatest women of our modern era".

There is a crater in Venus named after her
Venus has a number of craters which are named after women who have made contributions to their field. Anandibai is one of these women. The 34km diameter crater "Joshee" lies at latitude 5.5° N and longitude 288.8° E. It was named in 1997 by the International Astronomical Union. In total there are three craters that are named after Indian women who were supremely accomplished: the Joshee crater, the Jhirad crater, and the Medhavi crater.
Anandibai features in our card game: Black Hole
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