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Alexa Irene Canady

Discover why we turned Alexa into a superhero
Superhero Backstory
Alexa can manipulate the pressure in her enemies brains.

Raised in Michigan Alexa was a brave and curious child. The tale remains unconfirmed but it is said that one day while playing with the instruments in her fathers dentistry office, a strange power surge flowed through her giving her the power to manipulate pressure in the brain.
Alexa was Chief of Neurosurgery at the Children's Hospital of Michigan from 1987- 2001. You'll find the DMC Children's Hospital in the background.
Hidden Treasures
We have packed a lot into our drawings. Each drawing we create has one or more hidden treasure(s) about our superheroes' life experiences, depictions in art, jobs or discoveries. Did you find the ones hidden in this drawing?
On Alexa's belt you will find the letters AMWA which represent the American Medical Women's Association. In 1993 Alexa was awarded the AMWA President's Award.
Alexa was born in Michigan, USA on the 7th November 1950. We've added this into the issue number on the top left.
What is Hydrocephalus?
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The Nervous System

Dr Chris and Dr Xand look at the amazing things our brains can do!
Video credit: BBC | Operation Outch
In this video you can find out more about Alexa!
Video credit: ACS
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